92% of all homebuyers use the Internet
to search for homes!

In the ever popular and competitive real estate markets of Howard County MD and Central MD, making sure a home looks its best online and in person is imperative.  At Refreshing Homes, we work with sellers and realtors to focus on three key elements:  Staging, Pricing and Marketing.  The successful combination of these three elements enables a home to sell for maximum profit in the shortest amount of time.

Staging is not interior decorating.  Home Staging in Maryland is a marketing tool used to appeal to the widest audience of buyers. Professional home stagers are trained in the best methods to achieve this goal.  We view a home as an objective third party and we help sellers to visualize their home through “buyer’s eyes”.  Only after doing this can they begin to disassociate themselves from their home and see it as their greatest asset.

Refreshing Homes will then provide creative ways to reuse, repurpose, rearrange and refresh the personal items of the seller to enhance the positive features of the home.  We also offer an extensive inventory of staging items that can be used to update a home or totally transform the space prior to the photo shoot.  Homebuyers are very selective and they are narrowing down their search by the photos that they see online. Home staging, combined with exceptional photos and ideal pricing, will always give sellers an added advantage. You only have one chance to make a great first impression!

Homes that have been professionally staged sell 50% faster and for 6-10% more profit. 


Our lives can be chaotic, but your home doesn’t have to be.  By reusing what you already have, we can reorganize, rearrange and refresh your home.

We can also assist you with paint color choices, flooring options, lighting updates, furniture selections and much more.  A simple Interior Redesign in Maryland can impact every aspect of your life in a positive way.  It will make you want to come home every day to your own refreshing home.

In addition,  REFRESHING REDESIGNS was created to assist homeowners and realtors with all types of transitional moves including downsizing and senior transitions in Maryland.