A Tale of Two Listings in Howard County MD


As a Maryland Home Stager, I do many consultations as well as additional staging when needed.  Sometimes I propose renting furniture and /or adding accessories from the Refreshing Homes inventory.  I find that sellers either understand the value of home staging or they do not. A big part of our job is to help them see the benefits and when they do, the results can really pay off.  Cases in point:



I did a staging consultation in Howard County MD on a mid-range priced house that had a lot of unfurnished rooms.  It was somewhat unclear what the rooms should be used for so I recommended adding some furniture/accessories to better define the spaces.   Cost to the seller was to be approximately one half of one percent of the list price.  After much questioning of me and the original listing agent, the seller declined further services.  “Not worth it…don’t need it” was the seller’s reason for not proceeding with the staging. 

Price Reduction
Maryland Home Staging


As of the date of this post, this property is on the market, unstaged, with another realtor. It has been on the market for 90 days and has had one price reduction (for well over the proposed staging cost).   As a home stager in Maryland, I have seen this all too often.  So, I wait and watch.  What will the outcome be? 


At the same time, I did a staging consultation in Howard County MD for a similarly priced property that needed a lot of prep work to get it ready for market.  The seller reluctantly listened to me and the realtor and did everything that was recommended.  However, when it came to my proposal to add some Refreshing Homes inventory to update and refresh the look of the home, the seller balked.  We needed to get some great pictures for online and I knew my final vision for the home would photograph beautifully….just needed to convince the seller.  Fortunately, she put her trust in Refreshing Homes. Below is her testimonial that says it all:

I was very impressed by your creative vision to help transform a house that I loved into a house that potential buyers could love too! My house sold very quickly for an excellent price and I think you played a key role. The cost of your services paid for itself many times over. You were very sensitive to my changing understanding of what it takes to sell a house and were extremely responsive in every way. Your work made me realize that your “profession” is very important in selling a house.

Home Staging Maryland

This listing had multiple offers within 5 days and sold for over list price. Every listing has a tale to tell…what will yours be?