What is home staging?

Home staging is preparing a property for sale so that it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible.  At Refreshing Homes, we know how to showcase room sizes, focal points, architectural details, unique features, upgrades and updates to a house.  We often ask sellers to remove items that will distract buyers and add to visual clutter.  Home staging will make your home look and feel different but we ask sellers to accept our “less is more” approach. Buyers are coming to view the house, not the stuff.  On the other hand, if staging a vacant home, we often suggest adding some furniture, artwork and accessories. Vacant homes show smaller because buyers can’t visualize the space correctly. In either case, by following our advice, you obtain an end product that will photograph beautifully and show well in person.

Why do I need to stage my home?

The way people shop for homes has changed significantly.  With 90% of buyers starting their home search online, first impressions are lasting impressions.   Homebuyers are very selective and they are narrowing down their search by the photos that they see online.  Our goal at Refreshing Homes is to have your home be on the short list of properties buyers want to visit.  Think of home staging as a marketing tool used to appeal to the widest audience of potential buyers.  Whether working with an occupied property or a vacant property, we strive to showcase the best features of the house and work with you to present a warm, inviting home that all buyers can envision themselves in.

How can Refreshing Homes help me?

In addition to our home staging training, hands-on experience and personal inventory, we draw on our years of real estate marketing knowledge to guide you through the staging process.  We are very flexible and work with every budget.  Whether you want a consultation to get you started or need an entire home staged, we can work with you to prepare your home for sale.  We have extensive knowledge of how homes will photograph and show online to potential buyers.  With 90% of buyers starting their home search online, our goal is to have your home show at its best from day one.

Can I stage it myself?

As homeowners, we become immune to how our homes actually look and smell. The memories, family photos, sentimental items and details of everyday life cloud our judgement.  That’s where a certified home stager can help.  We view your home as an objective third party and give you an honest assessment of what you should do to prepare your home for sale.  No recommendations or comments should be taken personally.  We know what will appeal to today’s homebuyers and we truly want to help.

Does staging cost a lot of money?

Refreshing Homes offers a very comprehensive staging consultation that is often enough to prepare your home for sale.  We walk through every room of your home and take detailed notes and photos as necessary.  We provide you with a detailed TO DO checklist to guide you through the preparation process.  If additional staging or furniture rental is needed, we offer flexible plans to suit your needs.

Can you guarantee it will sell if I stage it?

Staging is not a guarantee.  However, we will make recommendations that will enable your home to show at its best.  We will help you stand out from the competition.  You will know you have done everything possible to put the best product on the market.  We work with sellers and realtors to focus on three key elements:  Staging, Pricing and Marketing.  The successful combination of these three elements enables a home to sell for maximum profit in the shortest amount of time.

Can I try to sell it first and stage later?

“Homes that sold after four weeks on the market sold for 6% less than ones within the first four weeks“… per the National Association of Realtors.  Having stunning, staged photos of your home up front will draw potential buyers to the property. You will get the most traffic right when it goes on the market.  It needs to show at its best from day one.  We always recommend having a staging consultation done well in advance of listing.  You will then have a detailed checklist to guide you. We also advise you as to where to spend your money so that you will get the most return on investment.  Ideally, staging prior to listing is the way to go but if your unstaged home has been sitting on the market, it’s not too late…we can help.


How do I choose a stager?

Just as all homes and home sellers are unique, so are all stagers.  You should contact potential stagers to find someone that you are comfortable working with, someone who listens and will answer your questions,  someone who is experienced and insured, and someone with positive testimonials.   Having sold several homes myself, I know the stress that is involved with preparing a home for sale and keeping it “show ready.”  Because of this, we strive to be realistic in our expectations of homeowners.  So whether you’re a realtor or a home seller, feel free to contact us to determine if Refreshing Homes is the right choice for you.

Are clients happy with Refreshing Homes?

Please see what our clients have to say about working with Refreshing Homes.