Maryland Home Staging…The Value of the View

Here in Maryland, we are very fortunate to enjoy all of the seasons and some beautiful views. Yet, as a Maryland Home Stager, I am always amazed when I go to a consultation and find all of the blinds and curtains closed!  I know when I am looking at listings online; I want to see out the windows.  Sunlight always makes a home show better, brighter and bigger.  Yards, patios and porches have become extended living areas. And never underestimate the value of a sunset.

Maryland Home Staging Tips-BEFORE

Kitchen windows-blinds closed

Maryland Home Staging Tips-AFTER

View from same windows with blinds open…WOW!

Emotional and visual connections are very important when selling a house.  As a Maryland Home Stager, I request that sellers open all blinds and curtains when their home is on the market or at least for the photos and during showings.  Most buyers won’t bother to do this when they visit a property.  Take the time to do this simple task so potential buyers don’t miss out on one of the biggest selling points of your home…the view.