REFRESHING REDESIGNS, a division of Refreshing Homes, was created to assist homeowners and realtors with all types of transitional moves including the growing demand for downsizing and senior transitions in Maryland.  

Often times, visualizing how to incorporate existing furniture and accessories into a new home can be difficult. We use the items you love to create new design plans for your new spaces….truly Refreshing Redesigns that still feel like home.  Whether you or a family member are transitioning to a new home, moving to one of the many 55+ communities in Howard County Maryland or Central Maryland, or choosing the best assisted living home that suits your needs, we can help.  We offer:

  • Home Staging Consultations to prepare your current home for sale.
  • Refreshing Homes Inventory, if needed, to show your home at its best.
  • Guidance to organize and declutter (we can recommend specialists to assist with this) – some items may need to be sold, donated, appraised or consigned.
  • Custom Redesign Plans for your new home using what you already own.  We will visit your current home and your new home, if possible, to determine the best use for your beloved personal items.  If necessary, we can also work from blueprints/floorplans/online photos to redesign your new space.
  • Moving Preparation – Tag items for movers and/or meet with them on moving day to coordinate the move.
  • Moving Day Assistance – Meet moving company at your new home to assist with furniture placement.
  • Redesign Plan Completion- Final set up of furniture, lamps and accessories.  Hang artwork and wall decor.

We realize that any transitional move can be an emotional time but recreating a new space that still feels like home can help.  Contact us for assistance in creating REFRESHING REDESIGNS for yourself or your loved ones.


Karen guided me-with wonderful creativity, meticulous attention to detail and respect for my budget-in a move from a large detached home into a small condo. She helped me decide what to keep, what to purchase, and how to blend the old and new seamlessly. Her sense of color was incredible; I painted my walls colors I would never have thought of without her suggestion. That inspiration alone brought true style to my new home.

She offered expert advice in matters great and small-from the selection of a rug that beautifully tied my family room and nearby dining area together to the appropriate height for a potted plant in my home office. Nothing escaped her. All of my guests have commented on the beauty of my new home.

What might have been a somewhat sad relocation from a longtime family home into a small living area was instead an occasion of true happiness for me. At 55, I have never lived in a lovelier environment. That credit goes directly to Karen, who did not impose her own taste on me, but instead opened my eyes to decorating possibilities I would never have thought of independently but still reflected my own taste. And along with being incredibly talented, Karen is warm, gracious and remarkably efficient.

Stephanie B.


I definitely felt that your staging helped to sell the house. Our house had been on the market for more than 3 months.  After your staging (which my parents loved), an offer was made in less than 2 weeks. My parents were quite impressed with your professionalism and eye for details and aesthetics.  Thank you so much for your help.  Every penny was worth it. My only regret was that we did not utilize your services earlier.

Chang C.

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