1. DECLUTTER. Most of us have too much stuff!  It causes stress and even eliminating some of it can have a big impact on how you feel about your home.

2. EDIT.  Most people have too much furniture in their rooms. Remove some of the items to make the rooms seem bigger and less chaotic.

3. EMPHASIZE FOCAL POINTS.  Most rooms have a focal point.  You want to bring attention to a great fireplace, large windows with beautiful views, gleaming hardwood floors, and unique architectural details. If no focal point exists, create one with a stunning headboard, artwork or an eye catching piece of furniture.

4. REUSE AND REPURPOSE.  Don’t be afraid to move items around and use them in new and creative ways. A sideboard can now hold linens, an antique dresser stores bath towels in the guest bath, an old trunk becomes a coffee table, the hutch now holds books in the library…the possibilities are endless.

5. UPDATE.  Sometimes just a few inexpensive purchases can make a big impact.  Replace dated cabinet hardware and light fixtures to instantly update the look of your home.

6. LIGHTEN UP.  Everyone yearns for bright, warm, inviting spaces. Add a fresh coat of paint, remove or replace heavy drapes and rugs, and use sufficient lighting to brighten your spaces.

7. USE THE GOOD STUFF NOW.  Don’t wait until guests are coming to pull out the nice towels, fancy candles and fresh flowers. You deserve to live with these items every day.

8. DEAL WITH THE DIRTY WORK.  A dirty house that is in need of repairs is not refreshing. Nothing will make you feel better than coming home to a clean house with no leaky faucets!

9. SET THE MOOD.  Use mirrors to reflect the positive features of your home. Put lamps on timers to create a warm glow that welcomes you home.  Add fresh flowers and plants to bring life to your entire home.

10. REFLECT YOUR PERSONALITY.  Most homeowners already have items that they love and simply can’t part with; they just need some creative assistance in putting it all together. A stager/redesigner can make redesign suggestions, but ultimately, it’s your house…make sure your personality shines through. After all, that’s what makes a house a home.