We found Karen to be a competent, creative, realistic, highly organized, approachable professional who was quick to respond and open to ideas.  We received and closed on an offer tendered during the first day our home was released to the market.  We are convinced, without any reservations, that Karen’s staging efforts deserve the lion’s share of the credit for our quick sale.  She is, indeed, a winner!

Jerry and Ann P.

Karen was very responsive and worked with us despite a tight time frame to get our condo on the market.  She demonstrated honesty and integrity in not overselling her services and took into consideration the target market our condo would appeal to.  She always kept to the schedule and staged the condo beautifully at a very reasonable cost.  We appreciated Karen’s approach to staging and our condo was under contract in under 4 days.  We highly recommend Karen if you are looking for someone who will be open, honest, and creative with your staging needs.

Mary and Philip C.

Had we not followed all of Karen’s suggestions and had the house staged, we know that we would not have received 3 offers above asking price in only 3 days of listing.  She is knowledgable, easy to work with and a true professional!

Jo Ann and Brin E.

Within 4 days we had two offers on my mother’s house, and one offer was greater than the asking price.  We were surprised because the house was built in 1975 and had never been updated.  Karen recommended some cosmetic improvements that brightened the home and gave it a newness and freshness we had not experienced in years.  Her staging showed the potential in each room.

Karen also helped us with the personal property that had accumulated inside the home for 38 years.  She provided the names and contact information of business people and individuals who helped us dispose of and sell the property.

We enjoyed working with Karen very much.  She was friendly and professional.  We would recommend Karen to anyone who is considering selling their home.

Neil S.

We love Karen!!  Bottom line – our home was on the market for only three days, when we received a full offer.  There is no doubt that Karen’s staging was a critical influence in our successful sale.  Our home stood out among homes on the internet thanks to Karen’s guidance.

Karen is wonderful to work with.  She is great at visualizing spaces for potential changes.  As she went from room to room, she kept our costs down by using our existing furnishings.  It was so much fun to work with Karen because of her sense of humor.  Her professionalism, ability to juggle our items from room to room and coordinate colors in each room was amazing.  We felt well prepared for picture day and house showings.

We have strongly recommended Karen to our friends because we believe she was such an integral part of our successful sale.

Doug and Bennie M.

As part of the marketing effort, I engaged the services of Ms. Karen Ellis, owner of Refreshing Homes, to do the final staging preparations for the sale of my home.  Ms. Ellis tastefully placed furniture and accessory items throughout, to highlight various features and hint at the possibilities for potential buyers.  My home sold very quickly, essentially at the asking price, in the most difficult season of the year for selling.  I am convinced that the presentation of my home, due to the staging efforts of Refreshing Homes, played a major role in its timely and successful sale.

Jim C.

We had an offer on our townhouse in 5 days and were under contract in 11!  Karen’s staging experience really made a difference in the appeal and look of our home during the sale process.  We thought we’d done a good job depersonalizing and decluttering on our own but Karen brought that competitive edge needed to stage it to sell.  We just wouldn’t have thought of the furniture and accessory placements that she did in order to open up and brighten up.  We enjoyed working with her and appreciated her follow up and experienced tips on taking the home photos and the daily staging maintenance to keep our place sparkling for each showing!

Janice and Rob G.

I definitely felt that your staging helped to sell the house. Our house had been on the market for more than 3 months.  After your staging (which my parents loved), an offer was made in less than 2 weeks.  My parents were quite impressed with your professionalism and eye for details and aesthetics.  Thank you so much for your help.  Every penny was worth it.  My only regret was that we did not utilize your services earlier.

Chang C.

I was very impressed by your creative vision to help transform a house that I loved into a house that potential buyers could love too!  My house sold very quickly for an excellent price and I think you played a key role.  The cost of your services paid for itself many times over. You were very sensitive to my changing understanding of what it takes to sell a house and were extremely responsive in every way.  Your work made me realize that your “profession” is very important in selling a house.

Lisa D.

Karen expertly staged my home for a quick sale.  She was efficient, reliable and worked well independently to get the job done.  I didn’t have to worry about a thing –  she took care of everything. The house looked so classy when it was finished, no one was surprised it sold so quickly!

Karen G.

Karen,   Bobby and I feel very strongly that your ideas, comments and suggestions for refreshing, updating and staging our home made it more desirable in this very competitive market and was a large part of why it sold so quickly.   We were very happy that we followed your advice.   It was a lot of work but it was so worthwhile in the end.

Jean and Bob W.

I think the staging made a huge difference in selling the townhouse. The house was empty and pretty cold looking and feeling before you did your staging.  What warmth it added and what a huge difference it made. The house sold quickly.

As far as our own home, it was a much bigger challenge I’m sure, since we had lived there for so long.  Your suggestions and decorating were the difference between night and day.  Several people that came in said it looked like a model instead of a place where we had lived for 25 years.  I am convinced it was the reason we got two offers and top dollar for our home.  You have an eye for the staging that we are very appreciative of.  It sure helped us. Thank you, Karen, for all your hard work, and keep up the excellent work. I know the next people will be as happy as we were.

Steve and Sue C.

We were very happy that the house was on the market for only two weeks.  You are very thorough in your notes and suggestions, while being practical at the same time. The notes served as a checklist that helped us go through the process in a more methodical way.

Joan and Dave

I have no doubt that Karen’s services and skills helped me get not only a quick sale of my home, but also the full asking price.  She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

Rick F.

I do believe that staging definitely helped to get this property sold.  I received lots of comments on your wonderful job from people that attended my Open House.  I thank you for your flawless and prompt work as promised.  I’ve already referred you to my Realtor colleagues and I will use your services again for my next listing.

Terra H.

We were so pleased that our realtor brought Refreshing Homes in to stage the house in Arnold. Though the house had a newly remodeled kitchen and bathroom, and freshly painted walls, there were absolutely no furnishings. Though clean and fresh, it looked barren and empty. Refreshing Homes’ staging added the perfect touch, it was just enough to make the rooms attractive without being overpowering.  I truly believe that the staging was instrumental in the fact that we got a buyer for the house in just 19 days after it was listed.

Mike and Nancy L.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your many suggestions and the work you did in staging my house.  As you are aware, I had two offers on the house within a week of it going on the market.  Both of the offers were above the listing price.

I attribute the marketing success in generating interest in the house to your staging and how it appeared in the photos that were posted online.  A friend of mine in another state looked at the photos and remarked;  it looks like a model home.

George L.

After consulting with Karen, we implemented many of her suggestions in staging our home.  We had multiple offers within two weeks.  One offer was actually on the first day.  More than once, people told us it looked like a model home.  We had two rooms in particular that were awkward to furnish.  Obviously, Karen’s staging ideas worked!

Kathy B.

We just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in staging our home. As you know, I was pretty apprehensive about staging, after seeing several “staged” properties that looked sterile and unappealing on the internet. But your style of staging made our home warm and inviting! You found a crisper sleeker home within our home. It gave me second thoughts about the selling process–it was our home, but better.

You are a true professional, who analyzes how to maximize impact, size and appeal of rooms, both in photos and in person. Your extensive inventory of stylish items certainly contributed to the overall effect we were seeking. Most importantly, you were a pleasure to work with! You are a natural “people” person, warm and always sensitive to our input and concerns, and you are a true professional, working efficiently and consistently to reach our mutual goals. We were amazed at how hard you worked on our behalf–we felt like true partners and knew you wanted us to succeed.

Karen, your creativity and energy far exceeded our expectations–thank you for a beautiful job!

Kathy and Cliff T.

Thank you so much for your quick turn-around to get our home staged before we put it on the market. We love the way you enhanced the space and made the most of its positive features. Every room looks so spacious, yet cozy and inviting. You even made our awkwardly-shaped living room look fantastic! Of the people that have toured through the house so far, nearly all of them have commented on how beautifully the house is staged. You turned our “good” home into a GREAT one that we are now confident will sell quickly. Thanks again!

Carolyn and Ed C.

Karen guided me-with wonderful creativity, meticulous attention to detail and respect for my budget-in a move from a large detached home into a small condo. She helped me decide what to keep, what to purchase, and how to blend the old and new seamlessly. Her sense of color was incredible; I painted my walls colors I would never have thought of without her suggestion. That inspiration alone brought true style to my new home.

She offered expert advice in matters great and small-from the selection of a rug that beautifully tied my family room and nearby dining area together to the appropriate height for a potted plant in my home office. Nothing escaped her. All of my guests have commented on the beauty of my new home.

What might have been a somewhat sad relocation from a longtime family home into a small living area was instead an occasion of true happiness for me. At 55, I have never lived in a lovelier environment. That credit goes directly to Karen, who did not impose her own taste on me, but instead opened my eyes to decorating possibilities I would never have thought of independently but still reflected my own taste. And along with being incredibly talented, Karen is warm, gracious and remarkably efficient.

Stephanie B.

We just closed last week. We sold the house in one month! We followed all of your recommendations and the house looked great. It was really a pleasure working with you.

Odile L.

Thank you so much…I am so glad to have met you and to see how well the appointment went! Your level of expertise and research for the appointment was so impressive. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again.

Neda J.

Karen did a great job with the staging–very tasteful, and the coloring of the furniture and accessories matches the wall colors very nicely. We were very impressed with her work and very pleased with the outcome. Thank you for recommending her.

Diane and Dave M.