Why Do The Staged Homes Get The Good Towels?

That’s the question I had to answer from my 12 year old.  I guess she’s like the baker’s child with no bread or the cobbler’s child with no shoes.  As a home stager, I tend to become slightly obsessed with a project.  My thoughts are consumed with towels that will coordinate perfectly with a master bedroom or accessories that will look stunning in a living room or dishes that will really “pop” in a kitchen.  As I’m driving, as I’m grocery shopping, as I’m doing the dishes… I’m always thinking what will make this staging job WOW the potential buyers.

There are often staging items all over my house either packed for the next job or returning from the last job.  Even though I store most of my inventory, some items eventually pass through my house for one reason or another. When my family spots some awesome accessories or fabulous pictures or fluffy new towels they start to think we need a stager.  Each staging job is unique and a good stager will showcase every individual house at its best. I’d love to help you with your next staging job but right now, I’m off to buy us some new towels!

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